Town Attorney General Meeting  

The Town Attorney General will enforce the rights of individuals, a workable way to take control of government away from the multinational corporations and return it to the People.

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Carl E Person

Location: Producers' Club Theatre
358 W. 44 St. (8-9th Ave.), New York NY


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Concept and History
By Carl E. Person

Town Attorney General
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Carl E. Person

Town Attorney General -
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Saving Main Street
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Carl E. Person

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May 18, 2008

Town Attorney General Seal

(Note: The Town Attorney General does not exist at the writing of this website, and never has existed in the United States. But the office should exist, to protect the nation's citizens, other residents and small businesses from destructive exploitation by the major corporations of the world.)

I have tried on my costume - formal morning coat, striped pants, ascot and vest - for my show, Town Attorney General Meeting. Click on image to view in full.

Town Attorney General Show

Michael Moore Wanted for Starring Role

Let me introduce myself. My name is Carl E. Person. I am an attorney and the author of Saving Main Street and Its Retailers, and creator of the concept of the position of a "Town Attorney General". I have taken my idea to Broadway -- well, Off Broadway -- to the Producers Club Theatre, 458 W. 44th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues, in the Theatre District of New York City, just one block away from my office. There are 6 theatres under one roof and management, as well as a bar, and various rehearsal studios. [Note: The performances have been discontinued until further notice.]

I would much rather have Michael Moore be the performer, but I suspect he would readily turn down the role. The role is his for the asking, and perhaps this will happen at some point.

Another Note: Together with the Town Attorney General is the right of voters in every town, city, village and other municipalities in New York State to enact local statutes themselves, in what is known as "ballot initiatives". I have 29 proposed local statutes ready for enactment through the petition process (followed by voter acceptance at a general election). See my website for ballot initiatives at My Website for Ballot Initiatives. My plan is to put paid petition gatherers out into the streets of New York City to obtain the required number of signatures. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that when you vote for candidates for office you almost never get fulfillment of any of the promises of the winning candidate, but when you vote for enactment of a statute and you win, you get the statute. From now on, we as voters should be in the business of electing statutes rather than candidates.

A copy of the 2-sided flyer for the show (at the top of this page) describes what the show is about, if you donít have time to read the rest of this website. The point-of-purchase display or poster for Saving Main Street and Its Retailers can be seen by clicking above on "Point of Purchase Display for Book".

For a schedule of show performances, click on "Performance Schedule" above.

Just for the record, I conceived my idea for the show on February 19, 2005, as evidenced by the following cryptic entry in my notes dated 2/19/05: "IDEA Soap Box Theatre - Town Hall Theatre - Authors - IDEA - How - Do Saving Main Street book + lecture $20.00 or $10.00 and sell book". Actually, I have been thinking for years about renting a Broadway theatre for public discussion of political issues, but did not have any specific show format in mind until 2/19/05.

The Show Concept

I thought of ways to create a "show" and "performance" rather than a political speech or lecture, and developed the concept of having the Town Attorney General conduct a meeting with his staff and/or focus group (which is the audience) to discuss various problems affecting the town or village which can be addressed through appropriate litigation by the Town Attorney General.

Each member of the audience will be given an identification badge with neck band for displaying the badge, to show that the ticket-holder is a member of the Town Attorney Generalís staff; the show will proceed with the audience able to leave his/her seat in the theatre to obtain (20 feet away) coffee and other refreshments as part of the meeting; I will be dressed up in the formal attire of a United States Solicitor General, consisting of a morning coat, striped pants, a vest and a gray ascot. To see various types of court dress that a U.S. Solicitor General might have worn, or might still wear, go to the results of my Google images search, at . Also, look at [Note to Researchers: Iím still looking for a link to a picture of a formally-attired U.S. Solicitor General, and any help would be appreciated (in fact, Iíll send 2 free tickets and 2 copies of Saving Main Street and Its Retailers to the individual providing the link I actually use on this site. Meanwhile, the foregoing link has excellent leads for anyone, such as myself, wanting to purchase one or more sets of "court dress".]

To give an aura of authenticity to the meeting, I have had a seal created for the Town Attorney General. See a copy of the seal to the left of this paragraph. The seal will be applied to a 5í x 3í flag, attached to a flag pole, and displayed together with a 5í x 3í American flag (on a pole, topped with an eagle) as part of the set for the show.

The show is outlined but without formal script, and further improvised by contributions from the audience. The show centers upon the use of a Town Attorney General to fight the corporate monopolies and take back the country for its human citizens.

"Town Attorney General" Is a New Political Office, Conceived during 9/04

I created the paralegal field during early 1972, and the field became the fastest growing career field in the United States for about 15 straight years, as I recall. I also tried to create the career field of a "Personal Assistant" without any personal success that I can see. Now, I am trying to create another career field in the legal profession, which I call the "Town Attorney General".

A "Town Attorney General" has never been appointed or elected anywhere in the United States from inception to the writing of this website (on 2/28/05), but the concept may well be vital to preserving the constitutional rights of Americans against the current attack by the present administration of the federal government and other administrations going back to the Nixon Administration.

Town Attorneys General Have Constitutional Role - Providing "Checks and Balances"

The United States depends upon separation of powers, a balancing of powers, and freedom of the press to enable the electorate to be informed when exercising their right to vote. Separation of powers requires "checks and balances" to prevent one power from exercising too much power. An online encyclopedia defines constitutional "checks and balances saying:

The American constitutional system includes a notion known as the Separation of Powers. In this system, several branches of government are created and power is shared between them. At the same time, the powers of one branch can be challenged by another branch. This is what the system of checks and balances is all about. -

By giving corporations the power of human beings, we as a country have enabled non-human aggregates of capital to ride roughshod over human beings, and take away their protections contained in the U.S. Constitution.

The federal institutions of the Attorney General and Justice Department, and various federal agencies regulating commerce, have wholly failed to perform their job, which has enabled large corporations to violate the law with near impunity and grow larger and larger, while driving law-abiding smaller competitors out of business.

The answer to this, and to restore balance and competition, is to break up the federal monopoly of antitrust law enforcement and have the law-enforcement power of the Attorney General exercised at a different level of government. Eliot Spitzer, as Attorney General at the state (New York State) level of government, shows that the non-federal office of Attorney General can be highly effective to stop wrongdoing. However, one governmental official in Albany, NY or New York, NY can hardly keep track of the needs of perhaps 1,000 towns and villages in New York State. Each village and town needs its own attorney general to watch over the town/village and bring suit whenever appropriate to protect the interests of the town, its residents and its local businesses in a way that only a local official could do.

The Town Attorney General Will Replace the Federal Government as Chief Enforcer of the Nationís Antitrust Laws and Other Laws Regulating Business

When you have wrongdoing by a single corporation adversely affecting 18,000 towns and villages, you have the prospect of 100 or 1,000 or even 18,000 Town Attorney Generals (or, to put it correctly, Town Attorneys General) bearing down on the errant corporation with as many different antitrust lawsuits (and other lawsuits to enforce laws regulating business), which would drive the errant corporation out of business, unless it changes its ways and becomes a law-abiding corporation which it used to be before the federal government stopped enforcing the nationís antitrust laws (starting with the Nixon Administration or earlier).

Show Helps Overcome Major Media Blackout of Information Needed by Public to Vote Intelligently, in the Votersí Own Interests, and to Obtain Meaningful Political Reform

The "Town Attorney General Meeting", as an Off Broadway show, allows the concept and need for the Town Attorney General to be brought before the public in a unique, instructive way, bypassing the major media which has not publicized the idea at all, which of course is the function of the major media - not to inform, but to misinform and prevent the electorate from knowing what it needs to know to vote intelligently and in their own best interests.

Every time anyone wants to see a description of current Broadway, Off-Broadway and Off-Off Broadway shows, he/she will have an opportunity to learn about the Town Attorney General concept, and anyone who attends a performance will go back to his/her community far better informed in a 1-1/2 hour show than the person has been in obtaining similar information from the major media during the past 30 years.

The show goes back to the political origin of theatre, and I hope that theatre can once again tell the public what it needs to know while the monopolized press, in its support of the government which created and protects the media monopoly, fails to provide the information.

Show Available for Presentation throughout the U.S. - At Public Meetings, Luncheons, Colleges and Universities, Business Organization

An interesting aspect to note is that the show is highly portable, and can be presented anywhere in the United States on as little as 24-hoursí notice. If anyone is interested in having the show presented in his/her own locality, please give me (Carl E. Person) a telephone call, at 212-307-4444 to discuss details. An alternative to consider is listening to or viewing the show during a webcast of a live performance in New York. Click on "Webcast Video of Live Show" above.

Will License Interested Attorneys the Right to Present Live Show

Also, I would be interested in granting a license to an attorney to put on the show in the attorneyís city, town or village - perhaps in anticipating of running for mayor, town council or trying to get appointed (through such theatrical tryout) as Town Attorney General.

Purpose of the Show

The purpose of the show is

(i) to educate the audience to go back into their communities throughout the United States and get the local political leaders to enter into a dialog with me or others concerning the communityís appointment of a Town Attorney General, to protect the town, its residents and its local businesses from injury by the monopolistic multinational corporations which care little for the town or America for that matter; and

(ii) to obtain distribution of Saving Main Street and Its Retailers in local retail stores in the community, to enable residents of the community to obtain the information about their economic plight not being told to them by the major media.

Locally-Owned Newspapers and Radio Stations Are Natural Allies

In this respect, the locally-owned newspapers and radio stations can become the most ardent supporters of appointing a Town Attorney General, because these local media are often the first to be hurt when their small-business advertisers are put out of business by the major retailers soon after the major retailers open up their super stores in the area.

The Town Attorney General Will Be More Effective Than Presidential Voting

There is a much better way than voting every four years to take back the country. It is to install a Town Attorney General in every town and village in the United States.

Towns and Villages Do Not Need the Cities to Obtain the Desired Reforms

We can worry about the cities later. Their problems are more difficult to cure because of the practical difficulties involved in having a City Attorney General trying to raise $5,000 to $10,000 per year per family, which for New York City and its estimated 3 million families would require $15 billion to $30 billion per year in revenues from the City Attorney Generalís lawsuits. A small town of 1,000 families would only require $5 million to $10 million in lawsuit revenues, which from my own experience as an antitrust litigator can easily be accomplished.

Antitrust Suits Can Produce Large Recoveries for the Plaintiff(s)

Iím reminded of Wal-Martís recent private antitrust class action against Visa and MasterCard credit card companies, which was settled for a staggering $3 billion (Visa to pay $2 billion and MasterCard to pay $1 billion over a 10-year period, with $220 million in attorneysí fees, undoubtedly payable immediately).

Receiving Progress Updates and Performance Schedules by Email

Note: If you want to be kept abreast of developments concerning the Town Attorney General concept, please sign up for this websiteís RSS (Really Simple Syndication) email list, by clicking above on "Mailing List for Show Performances and Updates ". You will be kept abreast of developments in trying to take back the United States through appointment of Town Attorneys General as well as live-performance schedules, to enable you to view the show through webcast (streaming) video.

Also, let your friends, relatives and associates know about this grassroots way for human citizens to take back their country from its present corporate rulers.

© Copyright 2005, 2008 by Carl E. Person